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Branding is the process of developing a unique personality for a company or product, which is expressed through a number of different elements, such as its logo design, visual identity and brand voice. It is of crucial importance given that it affects the success of a business in so many ways.
At S & Team we take a considered approach to every branding project. After having conducted an in-depth research on your product/service, competition and audience, we host a workshop at our office to help define your brand promise.
In this way, we manage to design brands that speak to its customers’ hearts and minds.

Oath Olive Oil

A name and oil package design destined to hit the Northern European deli market


Telling the story of an everyday Greek ‘hero’ to tourists through packaging design

Our process is based on what we like to call ΄co-design’. Don’t worry, we won’t actually ask you to design your logo, however you will be asked to participate actively in creative decisions during our workshop. So, both you and us will know beforehand that the brand design will lead to a desired outcome.

Long-term consistency
We believe that the final design of a logo does not signal the end of the branding process, quite the contrary. In fact, we consider branding to be a continuous process. All brand elements should be consistent over time, including the logo, the visual identity, the photography style and brand voice.

Brand communication
Both the logo and visual identity design are vital elements in branding, however you should think of a brand as a living organism with needs, and mainly with a need to communicate with its audience. That’s what we are here for. To offer communication services, whether that be a company profile brochure, a product catalog or content service


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