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A cheerful and friendly brand identity for a creative consulting agency that brings a new era in businesses

The story

Vivid Vibes was founded by Vassilis Vassiliadis in 2017. It is a creative consulting team with a mission: to provide businesses with coaching and training solutions in abroad and international clientele. Vivid Vibes helps businesses find their purpose, change their work culture and makes them think out of the box. Also, it helps companies find new ways to provide their clients with authentic services experience, while making ideal work environments for their employees. The team decided that the values and the effectiveness of their consulting agency had to be communicated to the world. So, they came to our office to discuss the best possible ways of making it happen.



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The logo and the visual identity

The values, the personality and the kind of the brand were the key elements for the logo design. Based on those elements, we tried to show the professional background, the happiness and the friendly approach of the team. A close look into the agency’s logo reveals a lowercase font with the ‘v’ letter been highlighted with three colours; yellow, orange and green. According to the psychology of colours, their meanings are as follows:

- Orange: self - confidence, friendliness, success and energy

- Yellow: vividness, happiness, energy and shine

- Green: peace, freshness, balance and growth

If you carefully look at the word ‘vibes’ the ‘v’ letter is written as ‘>’ to be used as an arrow. Our creative concept resulted from the team’s optimism and their tendency to continuous progress. The letter ‘v’ applies to the brand’s visual identity included in theicons. This way we wanted to communicate a brand that goes everywhere, adjusts easily, is a game-changer, it continuously grows and helps others grow too.

For the visual identity we created envelopes, notebooks, stationery and business cards.

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