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Training the “mind” through a clothing collection exclusively designed for pilates

The story

Noos is a pilates handmade clothing collection that made exclusively for pilates exercises. The designer of the clothing collection knows that only a free body can achieve the maximum of movements while exercising. So, she created a handmade clothing range from soft quality fabrics that let the body breathe and do complete moves. The designer knew that the clothing collection must have an identity. So, she came to our office to discuss her ideas with us.


Naming - Branding

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The name

Pilates is a kind of exercise that brings the body, the mind and the soul in total balance. That is why it is important to control the moves and the breath while exercising. The collection respects the needs of the body for convenience and freedom. After an extensive research we came up with the name Noos. Noos is an ancient Greek word that means that the body, the spirit and the mind are totally balanced. Noos as an adjective describes also an intelligent and sophisticated person.

The logo and brand identity

We created a logo that conveys the feeling of an airy sense, balance and flexibility. The round letters give us the sense of clarity. To convey the balance, we designed playfully the latter ‘o’ and the ‘s’ of the word; they look like the one leans against the other. Likewise, we convey the airy sense by designing the first ‘o’ of the word like it floats on a gap. The flexibility is conveyed in the letter ‘n’ that is stretched. The logo exists on the clothes and the clothing tags to prove the brand’s origin and quality.

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It’s been years since we first begin to cooperate with S & Team doing different things all the way. You never get bored. Vangelis is always right and always coming up with great ideas. He creates the visual of the brand before you even think about it and never let you act mistakenly. I would say that he is endlessly looking for the perfect brand. Aesthetics comes directly from the future and brand becomes more and more convincing. Brand’s characteristics highlighted by simplicity and finesse with its very dynamic presence. Noos wouldn’t come out without your help. Thank you. We will never get tired ofdoing amazing things with you.


Eleni Manika

Founder, Noos Pilates Wear

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