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Naming and brand identity creation for a baptismal handmade clothing collection that narrates its own one of a kind story

The story

The monomyth baptism collection was created by Vivi Daskalaki in 2018. The brand’s purpose is to create baptism handmade clothes with high quality fabrics. Somehow, the unique designs and the high quality of the clothes had to be shown to the people. So, Vivi Daskalaki came to us to create a handmade clothing brand from the beginning.


Naming - Branding – Web Design

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The name

We needed extensive research in order to safely come up with the name that would fit the brand. Among all, we unanimously opted for 'monomyth'. The term comes from a hero's archetype who begins his adventure faces many tribulations while reaching the point from where he began but in an improved version of himself. By linking this myth with the creator’s turning from an applied professional field –that one of physics– into the creation of her own baptism collection, we knew the name 'monomyth' was the most appropriate. Another version of word’s meaning is 'mono-myth', which is attributed to 'a myth' because every clothing piece created for narrating the unique story of a child's baptism.

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The logo and visual identity

Creating the brand, we knew that the visual identity must be simple, ‘quiet’ and elegant. For the logo we chose a lower case font that is delicate, ‘quiet’ and ‘clean’. Additionally, we created the clothing tags that are on top of each garment and the business cards. The clothing tags are separated in two pale colours the pink and the light blue for girls and the boys’ clothes respectively.

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Website design

We continued to the website design based on the brand’s character but also the collection’s creator. We used pale blue and pink colours in clothing categories so the website connected with the brand’s philosophy. The way it has been designed makes it functional and practical. You can see more visiting the website

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