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Creating the visual identity for a Swiss-made innovative daily balancer

The story

The team of Genevia Lifesciences, a Geneva-based company came to our office with the purpose of creating and communicating Gobi-Gold to the people. A Swiss-made innovative formula that promises of giving people a healthy and balanced daily nutrition. Taking all the information they provided us with into account, we started thinking of communication solutions that would make the brand known to the audience.


Branding – Packaging Design

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The logo

Our very first thought was to design a logo that would be friendly and approachable and it would make it easy for people to get the sense of balance. So, we used lowercase font and we put a dash between the two “o” of the name “gobi-gold”. After that, we turned the dash into orange to communicate the innovative, energetic and happy character of the brand to the audience.

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The packaging

We designed a ‘clear’ and modern packaging as it was the best way to show a premium product and it clearly reflects the values and the purpose of the brand. For the box we chose to use white and orange to show the bold and dynamic character of Gobi Gold and we designed icons for the back and the two sides of the packaging giving directly all the necessary information about the structure of the product and its benefits to the people’s daily nutrition.

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