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Designing a brand identity based on the rules of the architecture

The story

Elephant Design was founded by Eleni Sfantou and Panos Alexiou in 2018 and resulted from the desire to capitalize on their long-standing experience in the fields of architecture and graphic arts. It is a place that gives artists the chance to be inspired and creative. The idea of a space that would let the art happen actually, was the reason of the decision to set up their office. So, they came to us to make this dream come true.


Branding – Web Design

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The logo, the brand identity and the website design

Based on the name "Elephant Design" we created a linear logo with a direct reference to architecture. To highlight the vividness of the studio, we selected yellow and grey as its brand colors. For a solid and vibrant business card we used laminated specialty papers and had the logo embossed on one side. To effectively communicate the studio's services and showcase it's work to the people, we proceeded to design its website.We designed a customized website taking the brand identity and character into account. Additionally, we wrote the texts for the website to communicate the brand to the audience the best possible way. You can see more visiting the website

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An architect’s duty is to watch and understand people’s needs and mentalities. His design method does not only lie between length and width. Since our very first meeting with Vangelis, we understood that brand’s design has also many different dimensions and aspects, too. It was really hard for us to describe our office history and philosophy behind “elephant” naming.

It is the first time cooperating with S & Team. They accomplished our idea about a logo that suits our architecture philosophy and practice. The team designed not only our logo but also a brand new concept brand and website; our window to the world.

Using specific fonts, designing an individual elephant that also looks like a ground plan and by applying our favorite yellow color on the logo, S & Team managed to bring out the optimism of Elephant Design. Vangelis’ minimal aesthetic and his simple but to-the-point actions appropriately guided us while the process. Our friends and clients talked about an incredible outcome. With time, our cooperation became a friendship. More amazing things are yet to come!

“They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is that you never forget an elephant.”


Eleni Sfantou, Panos Alexiou

Founders, Elephant Design

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