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We invest on our creative side to show-off a Pastime Center of Children Creativity that potentiates kids’ experimental tendency

The story

Dos is a Children’s Creative Pastime Centre that has to do with preschoolers and first year’s school children and activated in laboratory lessons in every form of art. The teachers’ professional occupation with music, dancing, theatre, game, and drawing, predisposes in a unique experience. Dos’ purpose was to fulfill the free time of children who chooses to participate in the programs by positively affecting on them through the experimental game, in order to challenge them and lead them to creation, instead of just filling this free time. So the team made the decision of contacting us to discuss the accomplishment of their purpose and vision.



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The logo

Since our project has to do with the Children’s Creative Pastime Centre normally, the logotype would have the same style. The excitement, innocence, and carefreeness completely appear in a logotype that constitutes from the word ‘dos’ and has got diligently ‘untidy’ writing.

The visual identity

Influenced by the team’s tendency to experiment, we have experimentally drawn with charcoal, using different kinds of writing. The smudges that we designed constitute a characteristic element of children' creativity while they are painting.Handmade copylines that 'go' with each section, have been created with charcoal. Each of them 'expressed' with specific colours in order the sections to be separated one from another. We have designed the brand identity, creating business cards and postcards for each section separately.

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