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Establishing an easily-recognizable artisanal personality for a new espresso blend

The story

Dassyras is a family-owned coffee roaster founded in 1987 to produce artisan Greek and filter coffee. As the second generation entered the business, they began crafting a unique espresso blend of several different specialty coffee beans. Its distinctively rich taste and impressive aroma paved the way for the product to gradually become a bestseller in the wholesale market. But it was literally a no name brand. Yet every great product deserves a great name, logo and packaging!


Naming – Branding – Packaging Design

The name

The name needed to be short, good-sounding, easy to remember and somehow connected to the family business name. So the name “dash” fulfilled all three criteria and sounded a lot like “Dassyras”. Most importantly though, the word brings to mind moments of pause and relaxation.

The logo & the visual identity

Dash was placed in between two dashes to indicate a pause/break. Just like em dashes, which are used to indicate a break in sentence. Meanwhile a coffee drop stands still, creating the impression that it will fall any minute. To convey the brand’s authentic and micro-roasting personality, we designed and printed their business cards on brown kraft paper. Following the same handmade logic, we made by hand, one by one, Dash’s wood labels with the logo woodburned into them.

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The packaging

When it came to designing the packaging, we wanted something as crafted as the product itself. We did not want to include too many design elements. The packaging should speak for itself. So it includes only the absolutely necessary information; the logo, its copyline, weight, type of roasting and blend. Different colors on packaging (kraft and slightly faded black) indicate the type of coffee roasting in each packaging; kraft for medium-roasted and black for dark roasted respectively.

We are proud to say that Dassyras’s espresso cuts a dash in its brand new packaging!

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A collaboration that definitely added real value on our business reform. The friendly environment, patience and team’s professionalism played a decisive role at the embellishment of our cooperation, but also the great outcome that we received! Our long-term coffee business reborn with our new logo creation and that is only the beginning of a promising and lasting cooperation.


Athanasios Dasyras

Founder, DASH

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