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Translating burger craving into a logo and visual identity

The story

Kapetaneas brothers have been in food business for a long time, owning and running three casual dining restaurants. Their love for burger culture soon led them to expand their dreams – wanting to open an authentic American burger joint. To help make their dream come true, the brothers reached out and asked us to conceptualize a new burger experience.


Naming – Branding

The name

We could take the road more travelled and pick a name that included the keyword “burger”. But we prefer the road less travelled - because that’s where all the exciting stuff happens. And so the road led us to a diner lingo dictionary that includes American slang words used until the 70s by wait staff to communicate their orders to the cooks. “Bronx Vanilla”, diner slang word for “garlic”, suited the business perfectly. It is a balanced combination of “rough” and “smooth” and in addition to that “Bronx” gives a hint of the type of food served.

The logo & the visual identity

We developed a contemporary logo using handwriting font to communicate the burger joint’s casual personality. The logo, the custom hand-lettered identity, the black & yellow color palette, witty catch phrases and graphic elements formed a flexible toolbox that was applied across different materials, from store signage, wood menu holders, tablemats and packaging, creating an authentic American burger feel.

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