Co-design process

Co-design is an organized process we follow, where you actively participate, in order to create a brand that will get emotionally connected with its target audience. The process’ steps are the following:

Co-design process


Defining the brand

The aim of this meeting is to enable both sides to better understand every aspect of the brand. Through discussion and a variety of questions we ask you, we gather the necessary information about you and your brand. So, together we agree to the following:

  • The purpose of the brand
  • The brand's promise
  • The brand's values
  • The brand's character
  • The brands story

Then, we can move to the next steps of the co-design process.


Shaping the brand’s characteristics and values

We conduct a workshop in which we present the findings of our research that followed our first meeting. The purpose of this workshop is to decide how the brand:

  • Feels
  • Looks
  • Speaks
  • Behaves
  • Dreams

At that point we have reached a conclusion regarding the direction we will follow and we establish a timetable for the completion of the design process.


Brand’s Visual Design

Now it is time to turn our ideas into reality. Time to design the visual identity of the brand which includes, the logo, the corporate identity, the packaging, the website, the brochure and everything else we had previously agreed upon.

Emotional Connection

Building emotional relationships

Having completed the design process, the brand is ready to communicate with its target audience.

Brand communication must follow a specific strategy.

It takes methodical planning, targeted actions, consecutive meetings and a timetable to follow in order to achieve the brands emotional connection with its audience.


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