What’s on Alexia’s desk?

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Our copywriter’s desk is clean and tidy - but we messed it up, because it was not that photogenic -. Alexia doesn’t let papers and files pile up. She cannot concentrate if her desk is messy. Sometimes, she even goes so far as to tidy up Gigi’s desk -she has OCD big time-. There is always some kind of snack on her desk, because she is almost always hungry. She is not a fan of ink-pens, but she has all sorts of pencils on her desk, which she keeps meticulously sharpened (we wouldn’t expect otherwise). Her whole world is in her notebook, which Alexia keeps with her at all times. Among other things her desk includes dictionaries, books about most common mistakes in Greek, a sharpener and an eraser (to erase most common mistakes).


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Evaggelos Spiliopoulos
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