“Santa Irini” A project inspired by the aura of Therassia

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We recently have taken on a new project about a resort that is going to be placed on the island of Therassia, which due to its wild beauty and its isolated position travels you back in time. We are talking about ‘Santa Irini’.

The purpose of creating Santa Irini Resort is to be the personal shelter for anyone who chooses to spend some quality time with himself.

"It is really important to have your personal retreat, a place to meditate, to keep still, to withdraw into yourself..."

By listening to our clients' concerns, ideas and vision about the development of the project, we put our creative side into action again. The approach and rendering of a sense of ‘isolation’ is a challenge for us as it is something that needs specific methodology and techniques.

Once we have researched the elements that can help us to build and complete that project collecting all of the essentials, we have begun the first stage of co-design, where we have to implement step by step this project strategically and always in cooperation with our customers.

As soon as we have material from our work we will definitely show it to you and we are sure to attract your interest and curiosity to discover it.

Kindly stay tuned. We will be back.


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