How to define your brand voice and tone

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Each and every brand that you create has its own character and consists a unique product. For that reason, it is important that it ‘speaks’ and directs to a precise target audience, expressing its personality through specific communication strategy.

But how does that gets accomplish?

Firstly, is important for us to include in the brand’s creation your business look and character as the product that you provide represents you. Therefore, it is clear and perceptible to who your products and services address. That is how the brand's voice is defined in a way.


As we have defined your brand's character it is necessary to find the kind of communication by which you will speak to the target audience. When we refer to “the way” we actually speak for how-to. There are plenty of ways. For example, we may use simple or descriptive vocabulary. Through the co-design, we define your audience and adjust that way on their standards.   

Once we define the brand’s voice, it is important the tone to be found too. The brand’s voice tone is basically its look. It might be friendly, serious, strict or else. We choose it based on brands character, values and the target audience we want to approach.

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Since the brand's voice suits with its tone, we have a complete personality ready to be communicated to its target audience.

Brand voice recognition, appears on the impact that makes on the audience. The bigger the interaction is, the better the impact. That means that the tactic you followed in order to find the most suitable brand voice was the right one and the time you consumed worth it. That means that it highly contributes your brand to be understood by its audience and make its purpose crystal clear.

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Examples below: 

Monomyth: https://sandteam.gr/en/projects/monomyth-355

Twelvebees: https://sandteam.gr/en/projects/12-bees-129

Oath olive oil: https://sandteam.gr/en/projects/oath-2

Ektipotiki Axion: https://sandteam.gr/en/projects/ektipotiki-axion-2-4

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