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The story

There are literally thousands of gyms and fitness studios in Athens. To be or not to be one of them? That is the question. And that was the question our client asked himself before deciding to open his new fitness studio. Finally he did something completely different from the norm; a fitness studio offering only Real Ryder Cycling and Functional Training classes that are only available to book online. Quite revolutionary at the time. When all was said and done, he came to us asking for help with his studio branding.

The name

The studio’s name is a combination of the words “serotonin” and “toning” (=working out). Serotonin is a hormone produced by human body, also known as the happy hormone. It has been proved that exercise boosts serotonin levels making us feel happy. Therefore, the name embodies our client’s vision of his studio as a place for hard-training that makes you happy.

The logo

Serotonin’s molecular structure inspired the logo, only slightly altered to look like a bike, given that Real Ryder Cycling is one of the main studio’s classes. We primarily used yellow color to convey a sense of energy and happiness and a rounded font to enhance the friendly nature of studio.

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The interior branding & the branding materials

After completing the naming and logo design, we presented a number of branding and interior brandind ideas, such as the slightly altered gender symbols for the toilet signs. What’s more, the messages on the wall, on trainer’s t-shirts and staircase further build up the brand’s philosophy. Yes, we have to admit. Some projects make you smile from ear to ear. This is literally one of them. :)

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