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A soft change for a software company

The story

Relational Software Solutions Company has been in business since 1995. But a lot has changed since then. The company grew larger. The client base became bigger. And its global reach expanded. Yet the company’s visual identity has remained the same ever since. At our first meeting, we all agreed that Relational’s identity needed more than a fresh coat of paint. It needed a total makeover.

The logo & the visual identity

We handled the assignment of rebranding with all the care and restraint that such an assignment demands. No drama. Just a smooth change. Relational’s new logo originates from the brand’s first letter “R”, containing an arrow pointing the way to a bright future. Red, grey and white colors and rounded typeface have been thoughtfully used to balance the company’s history with the constant evolution of software technology. Once the logo design was complete, we moved onto the company’s visual identity, business cards, envelope and folder design. Special attention was given to details, such as the design of tailor-made envelopes and folder with embossed logo.

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The brochure design

Following its rebranding, Relational Software Company commissioned us to create its company profile. Our idea was to include an “element of surprise” to the design. So we used dividers at the beginning of each chapter acting as a teaser for the subsequent content. The brochure’s interior is printed in all white, grey and red (Relational’s brand color palette) while design elements, such as the case folder and handmade binding add an elegant flair to the design.

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