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Not just a packaging, but a personality for a honey

The story

Gonidis is a beekeeping family-business based in Greek island Kythnos, focusing on harvesting organic honey. 10 years now they have been producing honey for wholesale trade and for themselves only. But following a number of awards, they decided to turn into retail, and create their very own brand. And that’s where we came.

The name

Before brainstorming we had two spoonfuls of honey that really sparked our inspiration. After our presentation, we decided together with Gonidis family that the name “Pure Mother Bee” is the perfect match for their honey. Pure Mother Bee is the ancient Greek name for the queen of the hive. It was one of our favorite names right from the beginning, just because it was so straight to the point. Pure Mother Bee includes the notion of purity, given that their honey is 100% organic. Plus the concept of affection is conveyed through the powerful word “mother”.

The logo

There was a challenge in the logo design. Too many honey packaging logos already out there and 99% includes a bee in them. But not this one.The selected “Pure Mother Bee” logo results from the combination of the B letter (from bee word) and a bee’s figure from the side. See the image below if you are better with images.

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The packaging

The packaging had to go in line with both the name and the logo. We had “purity” in our minds while designing it. That’s why we decided to use a white canvas for the label. We picked a tall and thin bottle because it seemed more elegant, since our honey has a very elegant taste and we decided to use a wooden cap to convey product's 100% natural origin. Yet the key design element is the wing laser die-cut of the packaging, which further builds up the logo.

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