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The art of packaging for molecular gastronomy

The story

Papadeas – Messino, one of Greece’s largest producers of vinegar, has been in business for over 40 years. In early 2017, they approached us with a request: they wanted to launch an innovative food product and needed a packaging design to help it stand out. More specifically, the product known as ‘balsamic pearls’ is made using a molecular gastronomy technique, which transforms vinegar into small solid jelly balls with a soft juicy core.

The packaging

‘Balsamic Pearls’ packaging design process has been quite exciting, no matter the limitations involved; the restricted design space due to jar’s small size and ready-made Messino logo. Our first design decision was to create a custom box in order to offer a better product experience. After conducting a thorough research, we decided to use rives tradition bright white paper, to convey a premium feel. The white and black colored papers indicate the corresponding product type (black for black pearls and white for white pearls). The packaging follows a minimalistic design style with the exception of Messino logo and four dots that shimmer with the embellishment of hot foil to communicate the product’s high quality. Lastly, the geometric cutaways allow consumers to see the product more clearly.

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