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Perfection of minimalism

The story

Our client came to us with the goal of exporting Greek olive oil. Produced from olive groves grown in Laconia, our client’s oil had a really rich taste and aroma, which made us think that we should go to the end of the earth to come up with a really distinctive name, logo and packaging that would stand out on shelf.

The name

We framed the context of what we were looking for the olive oil’s naming: a quite simple to spell Greek word. After hours or better days of brainstorming, we came up with the name “edelia”. Edelia is the Greek word for perfection, which, also, encompasses the Greek word “elia” (olive tree).


The logo

The olive tree has also been the inspiration for the brand’s logo. And so we created a hand-drawn version of an olive tree to convey a more natural impression, because at the end of the day, olive oil is a truly natural product.

The packaging

“Perfection is the mastering of simplicity”, was once said. And this is exactly what we wished to achieve on the packaging design. We dressed the bottle in a total, non-transparent white and black labeling, including only the absolutely necessary information. The concept of perfection is further enhanced by hand-written messages: “250 & 500 ml of perfection”. Lastly, we used two background colors to visually differentiate virgin olive oil from extra virgin olive oil. Black non-transparent color was used to further emphasize Edelia’s extra virgin premium quality.

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