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Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, Davaris Textiles makes a lookbook featuring fashion trends to promote its respective textile collections. Up until recently, they were doing this in-house, but there came a point they decided to hand it over to our office, asking us to take a renewed look at their lookbook design. And that’s what we did.

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 The lookbook design

We were looking for a layout that would spark fashion designers’ and manufacturers creativity - and by extension, sell Davaris Textiles’ products. Together with our friends at Davaris Textiles we decided that the lookbook should be divided into two sections; one of them would show 2018/2019 major color trends and the other one would present latest runways trends. Two double-paged spreads are devoted to each color of Davaris Textiles’ curated color trends list. Each color chapter is signaled by the color of its first page along with specific suggestions for textiles from the same color family, while the second two-page spread’s layout consists of a monochromatic large picture and looks from this season’s runways to correspond with each color. The brochure’s generous amount of white space creates an overall cleaner look and directs readers’ attention to trends and corresponding textiles.

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