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A minimalist modern packaging for a traditional product

The story

Dassyras is a family-owned coffee roaster founded in 1987 to produce artisan Greek coffee, filter as well as espresso. Our first collaboration with them started with DASH espresso package design. The moment they held the DASH packaging for the first time, they realized they could not move on with their old package designs, because it would create an unavoidable visual conflict. And so, they commissioned us to also redesign their Greek coffee packaging.

The logo & the package design

The logo design uses the initial ‘δ’ (delta) letter of the company’s name ‘Dassyras’. It is designed in such a way that it is perceived as a steaming coffee cup. We have purposefully avoided the cliché of using a Greek coffee cup image. In the end, the logo takes on the role of a picture portraying a Greek coffee cup, depicted in a more abstract way. And the packaging speaks for itself, without being over-explanatory. Black was selected as a package color for Dassyras Greek coffee to convey its strong flavor and bold personality. Black color also acts as a bridge between their dark-roasted espresso and Greek coffee packaging.

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