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Curing clichés. Caring for design.

The story

At our first meeting with our clients, it became clear to us that they did not want their pharmacy to be anything like any of the pharmacies out there. They wanted to get away from the cliché of dark green logos and all-white sterile interior. Plus they had all these sort of cool ideas, like including a massage room and a lab for manufacturing natural skincare products. Hallelujah! We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The name

Our client needed a name that spoke to both types of clients, those buying medications and those buying cosmetic products. The final name Cure & Care did exactly that. It was a playful and elegant way to pair health and beauty. Moreover the sound of the name has a nice balance, because it basically is a repetition of the same consonants with different vowel sounds.

The logo & the visual identity

For the logo design we redesigned Nord Bold rounded typeface to express the friendliness of Cure & Care brand. More specifically, instead of using the typeface’s “A” we used the inverted version of “U, so the words Cure and Care could be seen as a reflection of one another. The logo incorporates a “plus” symbol into the C of Care, which plays a double role: as an “and” and as a pharmaceutical cross symbol. Obviously we had no intention of using standard pharmaceutical colors. That’s why we went for 326C Pantone, a brighter and friendlier version of green. We also designed a set of pictograms on the curved elements of the logo for each category of products. Following the logic of logo’s total absence of sharp edges, we created round edged business cards combined with tailor-made playful messages.

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