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Branding in balance

The story

Once upon a time there were two personal trainers who had a dream; to create their very own fitness studio at the heart of Athens, offering small group training and personal training classes. And at last, one day they made their dream come true, like 500 square meters true. But, besides their know-how, their top-notch equipment and facilities, there was something missing; the soul of the studio, its branding.

The logo

Athlesis is the Greek word for athletics. It is a quite straightforward, firm, to-the-point name. So the name took us by the hand and guided us to the logo’s design that embodies the founders’ vision to offer a balanced life through fitness. Using Athlesis’s letter “A” we wanted to bring into focus symmetry and balance, which is also enhanced with the help of the strict black and white color palette and assertive and confident type.

The signage & wayfinding

After figuring out the logo, we designed Athlesis’s pictograms to depict studio’s classes and rooms. To further build the brand and complement the logo we developed a number of icons, using elements from it, like the lines with diagonal finishes and the gaps in between the lines. Some of the wayfinding icons were also combined with signs that followed the logo’s line slanted form.

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The website design

Inspired by Athlesis’s strict branding, we built the website around the logo’s and pictograms elements. We just added some “yellow strokes”, which is a classic energy color to make categories stand out. Information can be easily accessed using the websites uncomplicated menu while its responsive design allows the content to remain readable across mobile and other devices. Visit website

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