What’s on Gigi’s desk?

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Aggeliki Theodorou a.k.a Gigi is our Senior Designer, senior yet the youngest one in the office. Her office is an organized chaos; piles of paper everywhere, graphic design and typography books, glasses, colorful paperclips and pills, lots and lots of pills. See, she always feels some kind of pain. Yesterday she had a headache. Today she feels a pain in the stomach. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? But what is the strangest thing about Gigi? Even though her desk is cluttered, she still knows where everything is. Well, you know what they say: creative geniuses have messy desks.

Stay tuned to see more of “what’s on our desks” and get to know us better!

p.s.: the above picture is not an accurate depiction of Gigi’s desk. It is 50 times better than the real one – sorry Gigi ;)

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